Revel 2.71 API Updates

Welcome to the 2.71 Revel API changelog!

In Revel 2.71 we've made important updates to our Products and General resources. In particular, changes made to the Product resource will allow for consumers to read upcharges and default products per combo.

Please review the changes below in order to test and update your integration accordingly.

You can learn more about the general 2.71 release here.

Added Resources

  • The ComboProductSetProduct resource has been added so that an upcharge and default status could be set for every product in a group combo.  It contains the following fields:
    • default_qty
    • product
    • sorting
    • resource_uri
    • upcharge_price

Modified Resources

  • We've modified the /resources/ComboProductSet resource to include a new field comboset_products which is a Foreign Key object related to the new resource detailed above.

  • We've added an ach_payments_enabled field to the /enterprise/Establishment API which accepts Boolean values and is used to selectively turn on and off which establishments are allowed to pay with an ACH method rather than a credit card. If the value is set to True, an establishment will have the option to add an ACH method otherwise they will only see the credit card option. This is supported for only US customers.

Planned Deprecation

  • We're continuing deprecation of the OrderAllInOne resource. This resource is no longer available for new third-party integrations. If you are still using it, please reach out to [email protected] for information on more suitable alternatives.