Revel 2.78 API Updates

Welcome to the 2.78 Revel API changelog!

In Revel 2.78, we made some useful changes to our Weborder API resources to support Linked and Group combo upcharges.

Please review the changes below in order to test and update your integration accordingly. Note: In order to enable this feature please contact our team.

The following modification was made to the GET weborders/product_sets/?product=[group combo product id] endpoint:

  1. An additional overridden_upcharge_price field will be returned if a group combo product upcharge is customized under individual combo configuration within Revel.

Note: Whenever the overridden_upcharge_price field is present, it should be used to calculate the combo price instead of upcharge_price.

The following modifications were made to the POST specialresources/cart/calculate/, specialresources/cart/validate/ and specialresources/cart/submit/ endpoints:

  1. These endpoints will now support the upcharge_price OR overridden_upcharge_price field when calculating the price of Linked and/or Group combos.
  2. An optional field upcharge_price_override was added. Note: This field can be utilized to override Linked and/or Group combo upcharges if the "Weborder API price override" setting is enabled on the target instance.

Field limitations:

  • Only numbers are supported.
  • No more than 2 decimal points.
  • 0 <= upcharge_override <= 100000
  • Negative numbers are not supported.
  • 0 is a valid value.
  • Null is treated as None.
  • Field not included in body is treated as None, Revel configured Management console setup will be used.