The Customers API lets you create and manage customers. It allows you to track an individual customer or customer group's activity on the point of sale, and to update and sync customer data with your system's customer relationship manager (CRM).

Customers can be identified or filtered by various data fields, including date created, last purchase date, and address. You can create customer groups according to tax status or discount, edit your groups, and sync them with customer groups on the management console.



This is your primary resource for working with customer objects. The Customer resource contains data on your customers themselves. Use this resource to track and manage general customer information, such as email addresses, total purchases, or account balances.


CustomerAddress represents an individual customer's address. It allows you to manage shipping and delivery addresses and sync them with information from your CRM.


The CustomerEstablishment resource collects data linking customer and establishment and holds the date of the customer's last purchase at a particular establishment.


This resource looks at information on tax status or attached discount and creates a customer group that can be managed from the API and synced to the CRM.


CustomerGroupCustomers is an intermediate resource that allows you to add Customers to an existing CustomerGroup.


The CustomerHistory resource returns data on a customer's purchases, discounts, payments, and refunds. It allows you to pull information on the customer's activity within a specific date range. CustomerHistory will never return information about more than one customer in a single request. This resource is read-only.