The Scheduling API lets you manage employee logged time and schedules. Logged time on POS can be tracked and used for billing and payroll via the API to the Revel Management Console. Timesheets and entries can also be updated in the Revel Management Console via the API if you use a different time tracking application.

You can use the Scheduling API to sync schedules and time worked between Revel and your systems. You may create, update and manage schedules from other application via these APIs as well.


Because this suite uses the Employees API suite, you also need access to the Employees suite of resources in order to track employee information.


The TimeSchedule resource is used to create and track shift employees' records within a specific Establishment. A TimeSchedule object represents a shift's information about start and end time, establishment, role, and wage. This resource can also include breaks.


The TimeScheduleRule resource collects information about the establishment's time scheduling rules. These rules include information about breaks, double time and overtime pay rates, and clock-in and clock-out details.

When used with other endpoints, these rules allows the API to calculate time worked and gross pay accurately.


The TimeSheetEntry resource creates and tracks an employee's logged time within a specific Establishment. Each TimeSheetEntry object represents an employee’s logged time with clock in and a clock out details. Breaks can be included as well. If break_type is null, the TimeSheetEntry represents only time worked.