Data model: fact_till_operation


fact_till_operation data model provides an overview of operations happening with the till, such as Pay Ins, Pay Outs, Cash Drops and others.

Revel Data Connector users using this data model can answer questions like:

• What are the trends in till operations (pay ins, pay outs, safe drops, etc.) over the selected time period?
• How does the frequency of different types of till operations compare to previous time periods?
• What are the most common reasons for payouts?
• What is the distribution of till operations by employee?
• How does the amount involved in till operations vary by type and reason?

Data Objects

Column nameData typeModeDescriptionExample
till_operation_keyvarcharRequiredUnique identifier for a till operationf1a5c49e2b1fc3d9e7d0a8d7659e98b7
establishment_idintRequiredIdentifier for the establishment where the operation took place1
typevarcharRequiredType of till operation:
• Pay In
• Pay Out
• Cash Drop
• Tip Out
• Safe Drop
Tip Out
payout_reasonvarchar'N/A'Reason for a payout operation. 'N/A' if the operation is Safe Drop.Mary Jane
created_attimestampRequiredDate and time when the record was inserted into DB in UTC2024-05-14 08:30:00
updated_attimestampRequiredDate and time when the record was last updated in UTC2024-05-14 10:45:00
version_datetimestampRequiredDate and time when the till operation object was created in UTC2024-05-14 08:31:00
till_keyvarcharNullableIdentifier for the till associated with the operationf1a5c49e2b1fc3d9e7d0a8d7659e98b7
amountnumericRequiredMonetary value of the operation50.75
deletedboolRequiredIndicates if the operation has been deleted. Always FALSE if it's Safe Drop.FALSE
bank_deposit_numvarchar'N/A'Number associated with a bank deposit. 'N/A' if the operation is not Safe Drop.BDN123456
created_by_employee_keyvarcharRequiredIdentifier for the employee who created the operationf1a5c49e2b1fc3d9e7d0a8d7659e98b7
updated_by_employee_keyvarcharRequiredIdentifier for the employee who last updated the operationf1a5c49e2b1fc3d9e7d0a8d7659e98b7
employee_keyvarcharRequiredIdentifier for the employee associated with the operationf1a5c49e2b1fc3d9e7d0a8d7659e98b7