Data model: wide_schedule

Column nameData typeModeDescriptionExample
labor_idintRequiredUnique identifier for a timesheet entry701
labor_created_attimestampRequiredTimesheet creation date and time in UTC format2021-03-08 19:24:57
labor_updated_attimestampRequiredTimesheet creation date and time in UTC format2021-03-08 19:44:27
clock_intimestampRequiredEmployee clockin time in the timesheet.2021-03-08 19:24:56
clock_outtimestampRequiredEmployee clock_out time in the timesheet.2021-03-08 19:44:27
department_namevarcharRequiredEmployee departmentDriver
role_namevarcharRequiredEmployee roleDispatcher
role_wagenumericRequiredWage for the role12.75
remarksvarcharNullableTimesheet remarksStarted later, because of traffic jams.
break_typevarchar'N/A'The type of break associated to the timesheet entry. Possible values:
  • Auto Break
  • Paid Break
  • Unpaid Break
  • N/A
Auto Break
break_length_in_secfloat8RequiredThe length of break taken by the employee in seconds.600
The stage of the timesheet. Possible values:
  • Created
  • Emailed
  • Approved
  • Rejected
  • Unknown
is_auto_clock_outboolNullableSpecifies if automatic clock-out for employees who are still clocked-in at specific time is enabled.FALSE
exempt_salariedboolNullableSpecifies if employee belongs to exempt employee category as per Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).FALSE
clock_time_diff_in_secfloat8RequiredTime difference between clock_in and clock_out in seconds.4074.0
schedule_rule_idint4RequiredSchedule rule unique Key.34
establishment_idint4RequiredEstablishment unique Key.1
timezonevarcharRequiredThe configured timezone of the establishmentUS/Eastern
establishment_divisionvarchar'N/A'Establishment division. If establishment does not belong to a division, then value is N/A.Division - 1
establishment_sub_divisionvarchar'N/A'Establishment sub-division. If establishment does not belong to a sub-division, then value is N/A.Sub-division - 1
regular_valuefloat8RequiredNumber of hours, including paid breaks, an employee must work per day before switching to overtime rate.8.0
overtime_valuefloat8RequiredNumber of overtime hours, including paid breaks, an employee must work per day before switching to doubletime rate.4.0
doubletime_valuefloat8RequiredMaximum number of doubtime hours.4.0
overtime_ratefloat8RequiredOvertime rate for the timesheet entry.1.5
double_ratefloat8RequiredDouble rate for the timesheet entry.2.0
regular_week_hoursfloat8RequiredNumber of hours, including paid breaks, that an employee must work per week before switching to a higher pay rate.40.0
start_dayint4RequiredFirst day of a workweek, from 0 (Monday) to 6 (Sunday).4
day_start_timevarcharRequiredTime of day that a workday begins.03:00:00
is_manual_paid_breakboolRequiredSpecifies if employees may declare when they are going on a paid break manually, e.g. TRUE or FALSE.FALSE
auto_work_time_for_paid_breakvarcharNullableThe amount of time an employee must work to earn a paid break.07:30:00
auto_paid_break_durationvarcharNullableThe length of paid break that the employee earns after having worked enough time to qualify for a paid break.00:20:00
is_seventh_day_rule_enabledboolRequiredSpecifies if 7th Day Consecutive Overtime rule is enabled, e.g. TRUE or FALSE.FALSE
created_by_employee_first_namevarchar'N/A'First name of employee who created the timesheet.John
created_by_employee_last_namevarchar'N/A'Last name of employee who created the timesheetDoe
created_by_employee_is_activeboolNullableIdentification of whether employee is active.TRUE
last_updated_by_employee_first_namevarchar'N/A'First name of last employee who updated the timesheetJohn
last_updated_by_employee_last_namevarchar'N/A'Last name of last employee who created the timesheet.Doe
last_updated_by_employee_is_activeboolNullableIdentification of whether employee is activeTRUE
employee_first_namevarchar'N/A'First name of the clocked in employee.John
employee_last_namevarchar'N/A'Last name of the clocked in employee.Doe
employee_is_activeboolNullableIdentification of whether employee is activeTRUE