What is Revel Data Connector?

  • the way to access Revel point-of-sale (POS) core data using business intelligence (BI) tools to provide visibility and transparency for executives on a corporate level
  • Alternative data source for building your own custom reports and dashboards on scale while using tools you know best.
  • Best source for data to do custom analytics and have the flexibility to analyse data you need.

How do I start?

  • To get the most out of Data Connector you would need to choose a Business Intelligence tool like Microsoft PowerBI, Google DataStudio, Tableau, DOMO or any other tool that supports Redshift connections.
  • Contact your Account Manager for other details and how to purchase Data Connector
  • Invest few days to learn how to use your Business Intelligence tool - it will give you great advantage over competitors

What will I get?

  • A set of credentials that are used to access a data warehouse with Revel POS data - you can get and manage these credentials in Management Console when Data Connector is enabled.
  • Access to a data warehouse with a set of data models built specifically for analytics purposes
  • A set of wide tables for convenience and dim/fact tables for flexibility
  • Data Connector does not have user interface - you need Business intelligence tool

How do I connect?

  • it will depend on the tool you are using, you can see few connection examples here

How much does it cost?

  • Please reach out to your account manager or sales representative for the most up to date pricing.

What Data is Available?

  • Set of data models built with restaurant operations in mind.
  • All of your revenue related data that you capture by using other Revel products like POS, Online Ordering, Kiosk, etc.
  • Data designed to analyse orders, order items, item modifiers, customers, payments, staff
  • more data structures for easier analysis to come

How can I use the Data Connector?

  • Build visual dashboards in Business Intelligence tools for quick data informed and data driven business decisions to increase profits.
  • Forecast the performance of your business based on historical, segmented, cohort, seasonal data.
  • Integrate with other data sources like inventory, staff, delivery management tools and have 360 view on your restaurant performance.
  • Track KPIs to quickly adjust and optimise restaurant operations and menu.
  • Check product, combo, modifier performance in different establishments and areas you operate.
  • Compare the performance of products or even whole establishments in different time periods.
  • Identify which sales/distribution channels are the top performing and what are the trends.

Who should use the Data Connector?

  • Data Analysts - if you have data analysts in your company or outsourced data analysis who analyse your restaurant chain performance on a daily basis - having access to Data Connector will help them save up to 70% of time they spend preparing the data for analysis.
  • Business Analysts or any decision maker ready to dive deeper into conveniently structured data and find new ways to optimise restaurant performance.

What are the benefits of Revel Data Connector?

  • It removes all the manual work needed to export reports from the Management Console.
  • Data has multiple dimensions and metrics that you could choose depending on your goal.
  • Data is structured and prepared for analytical purposes and custom reporting.
  • Data Connector has data from all establishments and infrastructure is easily scalable.
  • Visibility and transparency for executives.
  • Significant time-savings for corporate analysts to prepare data for visualisations and analysis.

What do I do if I can’t connect?

  • Check if you company network policy allows you to access external databases
  • Check if credentials are not revoked in Management Console
  • Contact support with screenshots and error code so we can help you