Data model: wide_payment

ResourceData typeModeDescriptionExample
payment_idint4RequiredUnique ID for a payment5
cc_customer_identifiervarchar‘N\A’Unique identifier of a customer. This identifier is made by hashing a combination of customer’s credit card first name, last name and last 4 digits.f9627bb25f2f9e87beb92357594ed927
payment_type_namevarchar‘N\A’The way payment was madeCash
card_type_namevarchar‘N\A’Type of card used in making paymentMastercard
payment_amountnumericRequiredAmount paid by customer, monetary value75.200000
tip_amountnumericRequiredAmount paid as tip, monetary value.5.000000
transaction_statusvarchar‘N\A’Status of the payment. E.g Pending, Accepted, Declined, Captured or Unidentified.Pending
is_refundboolRequiredIdentification if payment is a refund.False
payment_source_typevarcharRequiredWhere payment came from. Could be Regular or House account.Regular
payment_created_attimestampRequired2018-11-08 16:37:41
payment_updated_attimestampRequiredPayment last update date and time in UTC format.2018-11-08 16:45:36
order_idint4RequiredUnique ID for an order3
Source channel of the order or pos mode if applicable:
  • Web Order
  • Smart Order
  • Table service
  • Quick service
  • Retail
  • Kiosk
  • Pizza
  • Grocery
  • Donation
  • Gas station
Web Order
Identification of order option, e.g. To-Go, Eat-In, Delivery or etc.
  • If it is custom order option, then value is Custom
  • If it is not recognised it is Unknown.
To Go
order_statusvarcharRequiredStatus of the order.Closed
is_order_paidboolRequiredIdentification if order is paidTRUE
establishment_idint4RequiredEstablishment unique Key1
establishment_namevarcharRequiredEstablishment NameCompany-1
establishment_cityvarcharRequiredEstablishment CityAtlanta
establishment_statevarchar'N\A'Establishment StateGA
establishment_countryvarcharRequiredEstablishment CountryUS
company_namevarcharRequiredCompany nameCompany
company_urlvarcharRequiredCompany url
establishment_latitudefloatNullableEstablishment Latitude34.6843294
establishment_longitudefloatNullableEstablishment Longitude-86.4109566
establishment_post_codevarcharRequiredEstablishment Post Code30314
is_establishment_activeboolRequiredIdentification if establishment is active, e.g. TRUE or FALSE.TRUE
establishment_group_name_listvarcharRequiredList of establishment’s group names|Group1|Group2|Group3|
timezonevarcharRequiredThe configured timezone of the establishmentUS\Eastern
establishment_divisionvarchar'N/A'Establishment division. If establishment does not belong to a division, then value is N/A.Division - 1
establishment_sub_divisionvarchar'N/A'Establishment sub-division. If establishment does not belong to a sub-division, then value is N/A.Sub-division - 1